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Moving Bay Area Family Households

Moving? Fort Knox Self-Storage in Pittsburg, CA, has U-haul truck rentals available 24x7. If you need a convenient, affordable way to move your business or personal belongings from point A to point B, we’ll help you find the right truck for your situation, and at the best prices in Contra Costa county, too. Please contact us to more information or a free consultation. Household moving was never so easy! And, we're open seven days a week!

U-Haul trucks are set apart from the competition because they are family friendly. U-Haul trucks have design features and innovations specifically designed to help you move.

The fact is, U-Haul rental trucks throughout
Northern California have more storage capacity
than our competitors. For instance, our exclusive
26' Super Mover is 13% larger than the
nearest competitor, available from San Jose to
Sacramento and from San Francisco to Stockton

Line a U-Haul truck side by side with a competitor's
truck (see picture top of page) and you can see a
big difference in deck height. U-Haul trucks are designed for families to load right from their house. Most all other moving trucks you’ll find throughout Contra Costa county, Solano county, and Alameda county are designed to be loaded by professionals at a loading dock.

The great thing about U-Haul trucks is that
even the largest moving trucks have cabs
that are easy to step into. The freight trucks
that other Bay Area moving trucks use make
you climb high steps to enter their cab.

U-Haul trucks have a patented EZ-Load Ramp®
that are wider and shorter and feels more rigid
than our competitors' ramps. This makes moving
your possessions into a U-Haul truck easier.

U-Haul equipment comes with many safety features that our competitors simply don't have. 

And U-Haul  trucks towing capability is impressive. A 14' U-Haul truck can tow up to 10,000 lbs, and even the smallest U-Haul truck, the 10' Thrifty Mover, can tow 6,000 lbs!

U-Haul moving trucks have custom built suspensions “underneath” the truck and  for even more peace-of-mind for a smooth move U-Haul includes special rub rails all-around “inside” of all their trucks to protect your valuables in transit. 

Mom's Attic on U-Haul trucks provides a special
place for fragile items, too, to be protected from
other, larger items in the main area of the truck.

Easy Truck and Storage Access
Highway 4 – Pittsburg, CA

Easy Payment Options

Ft. Knox U-Haul truck rental location in
Pittsburg, CA, along Highway 4 between
Martinez and Antioch, is open 7 days a
week, including evenings and holidays. 

You get free use of our carts to help you move your goods in and out 24x7.
Payment is easy. No deposit is needed when you move in and you pay for one month at a time only. You can also have your storage payment automatically charged to your credit card for your convenience.

U-Haul truck pulling car on trailer
Easy Loading Dock
Easy Loading DockEasy Loading DockEasy Loading Dock
Easy Loading Dock
More Storage Space
More Storage SpaceMore Storage SpaceMore Storage Space
More Storage Space
Moving Supplies
Moving SuppliesMoving SuppliesMoving Supplies
Moving Supplies
Better Trucks
Better TrucksBetter TrucksBetter Trucks
Better Trucks
Max Storage with U-Haul Trucks
Max Storage with U-Haul TrucksMax Storage with U-Haul TrucksMax Storage with U-Haul Trucks
Max Storage with U-Haul Trucks
Easy moving with Fort Knox trucks
Easy moving with Fort Knox trucksEasy moving with Fort Knox trucksEasy moving with Fort Knox trucks
Easy moving with Fort Knox trucks
Boxes packed in back of truck
Boxes packed in back of truckBoxes packed in back of truckBoxes packed in back of truck
Boxes packed in back of truck
U-Haul Moving Truck
U-Haul Moving TruckU-Haul Moving TruckU-Haul Moving Truck
U-Haul Moving Truck
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Storage BoxesStorage BoxesStorage Boxes
Storage Boxes
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If you make your one-way move with a U-Haul truck or trailer, you’ll get one month of free storage.

One-way truck or trailer customers with paid reservations are eligible to receive free storage before or after their move. A voucher is issued and can be used at any of over 1,000 convenient nationwide U-Haul storage locations* including Ft. Knox Self-Storage right here in Contra Costa county.  The voucher is good for a free month of storage for two years after issuance date.

At U-Haul participating locations-including Ft. Knox Self-Storage in Martinez, CA. One voucher per customer-truck rental. All other storage policies apply as normal.

At Ft. Knox Self Storage and U-Haul Truck Rental we feature:

Clean, dry, and secure facilities 
Security 24/7 
No deposit 
Pay online 
Open 7 days a week 
Open evenings and holidays 
Deliveries accepted
One Month Free Self-Storage
Free One Month Self-Storage
Business Truck Rental Solutions
Fort Knox Self Storage and U-Haul Truck Rental in Pittsburg, CA, is the perfect solution for businesses needing extra space for excess inventory, records, files, seasonal promotional materials and product samples. Leasing more office space is not always the best answer for reducing your business costs. At Ft. Knox Self-Storage we can help you avoid long-term lease commitments, and get only as much space as you require. We offer our business customers:

Centralized reservations 
Nationwide corporate accounts 
Automatic monthly billing/invoicing 
Deliveries accepted 
24-hour access at select locations 
Dumpster use available 
Fire-protected sprinklers and alarms 
Controlled climate at select locations 
Complete selection of file boxes

U-Haul Trucks Come
With Peace-Of-Mind

Studies have shown that
most storage room thefts
are done by others in storage. What do they look for? The answer is quick and easy access. Any lock that has an exposed shackle can be cut with bolt cutters. U-Haul helps protect you and your belongings by offering a discus-style lock with a hasp-hugging design that prevents cutting and prying.

At Ft. Knox Self-Storage our greatest concern is the security of your possessions. For your security, we recommend using a discus-style storage lock such as the MAX Armored Discus Lock
In additon to truck rentals we also service business clients with document storage and record management needs. We currently service businesses located primarily in Northern California and the San Francisco Bay Area; small and mid-size businesses from Pittsburg, Antioch, Oakley, Brentwood, Clayton, Walnut Creek, Concord, Pleasant Hill, Martinez, San Francisco, and Oakland. 
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